Cataract Canyon Rafting

Great Trip!


My wife and I just came back from the Cataract Canyon 4 Day trip and can't say enough good things about it.

Firstly, this part of the Colorado River is absolutely stunning. If you're new to the natural history and geology of the Canyonland Southwest,...

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Exceeded All Our Expectations and Hopes for The Trip.


Guides do a phenomenal job to make this an awesome experience for everyone on the trip.

Food is great for a restaurant, let alone a rafting trip.

It's hard to explain in words - must experience it. I'm recommending it to my brother and his family.

Jay -...

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Great Trip from Beginning to End


Our entire trip to Moab was perfect from beginning to end.

I took my two 14 year old nephews on the trip and none of us had been to Utah before.  Every single excursion was wonderful. The scenery was beautiful and the tour guides were awesome. I...

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An Amazing Experience and Unique Way to Escape "Modern Life"


My recent Cataract Canyon trip was just filled with amazing experiences. In my "mundane" life I am generally plugged in 24/7, and the opportunity to escape that for a few days, and see things (the milky way across a stunning night sky, the stark...

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Never to be Forgotten!


This was the first outdoors / camping / rafting trip I have ever been on and there is not one bad thing I can say about the whole trip experience.

Since day one of being at the Moab Adventure Center we encountered wonderful employees. They answered...

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For Limited Time Availability - Can't Beat This Rafting Trip!


It would be nice to have the luxury of an extended trip, but the overnight Utah rafting trip offered the full river experience (at high water in my case --est 57,000 cfs) in a compact time package.

I must say that I enjoyed the night camping under the...

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AWESOME. All Fantastic, Time of Your Life


From the very start with the Western River organisation to the very end of the trip we were taken care of. The transportation to and from the river is all part of the trip, just four days of adventure.

Tents and sleeping equipment all clean and easy...

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H2oWoman and the Bucket Brigade

Less than 90 days till launch!

I am very excited to be going on this whitewater rafting trip with my two best of friends. I am a seasoned river runner, and canoe paddler, I have been on many white water trips - but never with friends as fun as these...

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Great Rafting Experience.


Jeff and Nick were fabulous guides. They made the experience not just exciting but very informative as well.

They food was phenomenal!!!

The scenery beyond description. This is a wonderful way to see the Cataract Canyon - a view you can't get any other...

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Don't Miss This Adventure of a Lifetime.


We cannot praise any more highly the wonderful experience we had on this rafting adventure. Our Western River guides went above and beyond anything we could have expected.

Western River is the ONLY way to experience Cataract Canyon.

If you want the...

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Outstanding - Rafting in Utah


Yes, I would do it again!  

We had so much fun meeting new friends on the Colorado River rafting through the Cataract Canyon.  The Western River staff was out of this world!

Cathy - UT
Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day

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Night One of the Cataract Canyon Trip - Rafting in Utah

My Dad took me and my brother on a rafting trip in Utah on the Colorado River in Cataract Canyon in 1973. 

On the left, is a picture from the campsite on the first night.  My wife and I took the same trip in 2011 and on the right, is a picture from...

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My Dream in Cataract Canyon - Family Vacation Ideas

The Best Family Vacation Ideas Include Rivers!

In 1970 our family (Mom, Dad and 6 kids) took a 31 day vacation driving from Ohio to California, camping each night with no reservations. We had a basic schedule but stopped as we saw places of interest. This country has so many beautiful places such...

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Love Story - Rafting in Cataract Canyon Utah

A Cataract Canyon Love Story

Love Story!

Mike & Alma - Maui

Join the Story on a Cataract Canyon 2 Day Adventure!


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Tubed! Cataract Canyon Rafting 2 Day Adventure

Cataract Canyon Rafting - 2 Day Express Trip


MIKE & ALMA C. - Maui

Cataract Canyon Express 2 Day Adventure

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Cataract Canyon Rafting 2012 - I Want to Go Again!

This was a kickass trip! No cell phones or video games. I want to go again!

Bill Saunders - Mattapoisett, MA

Learn More About Cataract Canyon Rafting Trips

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4 Day trip Colorado River Cataract Canyon (1980's?)

Cataract Canyon

Excitement in the rapids, beauty in the scenery, and tranquility in the camp.

I have always loved the water and thought that going on a 4 day rafting trip would be fun. I went on the trip with my sister-in-law. The reception from Western Expedition...

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I've gotta get out of this place! HELP me get to Cataract Canyon!!

Looking for the sun in Oregon

This picture highlights what I step out my back door to eight months out of EVERY year. I live in the rainiest part of northwest Oregon in the Willamette Valley. The brief glimpses of sun we get SOME summers is so filled with allergens no one can go...

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Spectacular Guides On A Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip

Rafting in MoabMy wife and I just finished the 4 day Cataract Canyon rafting trip out of Moab, Utah.
I just want to say, not only was the scenery great with amazing whitewater, the Western River guides on the trip, led by Joel were amazing. Chris, Taylor, Mackenna...
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It Was An Experience Of A Lifetime!! White Water Rafting Utah

I had the most amazing time on the last 4 day Cataract Canyon trip of the season.

The Western River guides were great; they entertained us, encouraged us and most importantly kept us safe on the river.

Monica - Towson, MD
Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic...

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