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We Loved Our Grand Canyon Guides


| April 15, 2010

My Husband and I took a 6 day Grand Canyon family vacation.  I can not say enough about the knowledge, skills and experience of our crew. The trip was fantastic. Shad was so kind, considerate and compassionate with the guests, especially a gal who was afraid of heights and froze on the trail. He kept her calm and led her back to the boat without incident. Wiley has such skill and experience that we always felt safe. Both Shad and Steve were full of fun, talent, knowledge. They were excellent regarding "reading" the guests and making decisions based on what would keep us all safe. I would highly recommend them to anyone taking the trip

The food was excellent. Everything stayed fresh and was prepared well, giving variety to the menu. The camping was great. Shad did a great job keeping the potty private and scenic. The scenic stops were great. Steve and Shad kept us safe, hydrated and happy. Kudos to those boys!

John - Kalispell, M
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