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Western River Has the Best Guides


| April 9, 2010

Cash, Roni, Nick and Jeff really were key factors as to why I enjoyed my Colorado River raft trip. Their information/stories and the natural/personal approach the the group was very much appreciated. Cash was my raft guide and Nick was the assistant. Not only did they provide a lot of knowledge but was also personable, funny and friendly. They displayed concern and authoritativeness as needed but balanced freedom to enjoy our vacation. Truly feel that most of the reason I enjoy this trip was due to the guides and their approach!!! They were amazing! Our overall trip experience was excellent. Everything ran sooooo smoothly, great experience (again largely due to the TL and guides)...Honestly, the only difficulties I had were personal care such as soreness, dry skin, rash, etc. Maybe add a package that partners up a spa treatment after the trip for us non professional campers/hikers would be GLORIOUS!!!!

Sunshine - Folsom, CA
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