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Western River’s Guides Bring Their A-Game.


| April 9, 2010

I cannot say enough good things about the guides who provided fun, service, education, concern and professionalism on our Grand Canyon trip.  On the raft I rode, John and Shad were the staff with Ben and Cash on the other raft.  They were all terrific - they were knowledgeable, attentive to our safety and our needs with a sense of fun and adventure.  John and Shad shared info along the way about the river, the rocks and the wildlife.  Ben kept us all organized and Cash was supportive of all the passengers, whether on "his" raft or the other.  I am particularly grateful to Cash for his patience with me, as I stuck to him like glue as we hiked back from our outing at Havasu.  I am afraid of heights and some of the places we climbed thru were narrow and too high for me.  He was nice enough to slow to my pace and stand by as I sqeezed thru narrow places, offering a hand as needed.  They also did a nice job with the food - serving big, chunky "man-food" each meal.  It tasted great.  Thanks for using real butter!  Most telling of all was a quiet conversation I had with Shad on the 4th or 5th day.  As we were riding between rapids, I asked which day in our week was the longest, slowest, maybe a drag for a guide hosting 16 guests.  He replied that he enjoyed all the days.  He said he just brought his "A-game" each day.  Thats the best summation of our guide experience.  They all brought their A-game every day - it showed and it made the trip wonderful! Thanks for putting us in their fun, capable hands.

Janice - Ballwin, MO
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