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2nd Rafting Trip with Western River


| August 26, 2019

In June 2018, I went on the Western River Expedition 7-day Grand Canyon rafting trip with my son. I knew I had to have this experience with my wife, so we signed up for the 7-day trip in June 2019. This trip was as phenomenal as the first. As with my son, my wife and I will be talking about our adventures for the rest of our lives. Rafting through the Grand Canyon for 7 days is a profound, soul-level experience. The canyon constantly unfolds and reveals itself in so many ways: the river currents and rapids, the immense scale of the geological features, the pristine beaches, the elemental physical nature of the experience, being outside under the stars for a week, and on and on.

But it is an extreme environment that requires expert guides with extensive first hand knowledge of the river, topography, as well as superb communications and interpersonal skills. On both trips Western River crews possessed these characteristics in spades. Our boatmen, Evan and Newtie, inspired complete confidence in both me and my wife. Their knowledge of the Grand Canyon's geology, history, and environment was incredible. Their love of, and respect for, the canyon was also evident. They shared all of this with us enthusiastically and happily answered all of my endless questions.

It's rare when a company combines very effective marketing with the substance to more than back it up, especially in a remote environment with so many variables and possibilities. Thank you Even, Newtie, Lou and Micki for giving us the experience of a lifetime.

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