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Cataract Canyon Rafting


| August 10, 2019

Our two-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip during near-record high water levels was totally exciting.

The two-day Cataract Canyon trip on June 10-11, 2019 was our third river trip with Western River Expeditions. We are still planning to eventually do the Westwater Canyon trip when river conditions become safer. Going through the rapids in Cataract Canyon during near-record high water and CFS levels was unbelievably exciting. No photograph or video can quite describe the thrill of hitting a huge up swell and then falling into a steep down swell. No one can quite describe the feeling of getting hit with a wall of cold water and bouncing six inches or more from your seat. No one believes you when you tell them you were almost knocked into the row behind you or you almost lost your grip after getting drenched by a big one. Then, to repeat this action for mile after mile. People just have to experience this action to believe it. When your guide tells you these are some of the biggest rapids he has ever seen, you don't doubt his word, because now you have experienced it first hand.

The Cataract Canyon trip is a true adventure in white water conditions. Our guides, Daniel and Nick were both experienced and very knowledgeable. We learned about the river, and the ancient peoples who populated this river area. We saw rock arches, petroglyphs and a couple ancient granaries. Our safety was their primary concern, but they also ensured that the trip was exciting and the food was delicious. They made camping on the river quite easy. Our experience with both Western River Expeditions and the Moab Adventure Center have always been positive. We look forward to bringing the rest of our family on "CAT" and other river trips. Thank you for the wonderful trip.

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Express 2 Day
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