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Colorado River Rafting in the Cataract Canyon


| May 14, 2010

Justin, Jordan, Sarah, Casey and Stephanie. What can I say. THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME! I believe the Guides, and Group of People make it all come together. Throw in the sites on the Colorado River from the perspective of rafting and the experience is simply undescribable...actually leaves me speechless, and that takes a lot. Glen and I plan to raft the Cataract Canyon again. Hopefully we get the same crew.
The views, hiking, camping, stars at nite, food, smiling, rapids, lunching and so much more. The Creator certainly provided the scenery, and took me to places I have never seen before.
Thank you all from the River Guides to the Company of Western River Expeditions for being there to share the beauty, laughter and awe of such a trip!

Dinah - WI
Utah Rafting - Cataract Canyon Classic

Western River Rafting Trip
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