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What a Great Rafting Trip – Way Beyond Expectations


| June 25, 2019

The Moab, Utah rafting trip was fantastic from beginning to end. It starts at the top with great leadership. Jason is committed to make every clients trip an outstanding experience. Our guides, Nick and Daniel, are pros at navigation, hospitality and a wealth of knowledge on the history of the river. Our 2-day Cataract Canyon Express tour started on May 17th with the opportunity to experience every weather condition of spring in Utah as well as a motor problem. After hours casual and informative of travel to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers, our guides professional training kicked in as we approached 20 rapids on our way to camp. We were all wet and cold from the pop-up rain/sleet storm but all ready for the 20 rapid run. Nick and Daniel put safety first and prepared us for the best whitewater in the country. It did not disappoint. I cannot tell you which was the best or the most exciting on day 1, but I can tell you that it was exhilarating and wet. You will get wet, all the way through. Our guides got us through all and made sure it met our expectations. In fact a couple in our group wanted more and during day 2 we all got it.

We camped after 20 rapids and more than 9 hrs on the water. After instruction on tents and cots and latrine rules we were directed to set up our camps. We did just that, tents were easy, cots a challenge. Nick and Daniel prepared a steak dinner with all the fixing's ending with a camp prepared chocolate cake. As the sun set and the temperature fell the evening quickly came to an end.

Day 2 started at 6:05 am with a bellowing, "coffee is ready" call. From there French toast was served and camp was broke. We delayed our launch a bit to allow for the sun to warm things up and that was appreciated and needed. Once departing, our guides safety training kicked in and instruction and life jacket adjustments were made. Rapids 20-25 were just around the corner with 23 being the most challenging. All were tougher than the previous day. We were glad we had a night to re-group after the run was over. Rapids 26-30 were similar to day 1 which after 20-25 were mild in comparison. They really were not but we were better prepared.

Once through all the rapids, we settled into a 3 hour or so ride to the pick up point. We had lunch on the way and landed somewhere around 12 pm. Pick-ups were all on time and all events went off with Military precision. It is a First Class trip! Thank you to all Western River Expedition staff.

We were fortunate to travel on this trip with outstanding and interesting people that we immediately established a bond that will last for many years to come. Leave your modesty at the dock you will get close to your travel companions in ways never anticipated. This is an opportunity to enjoy life at a high level and one you will remember and cherish the rest of your life.

I highly recommend Western River Expeditions not only because of the venues but the people. Most importantly the people. You will not be disappointed.

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Express 2 Day
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