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Once in a Lifetime Rafting Trip


| July 8, 2019

Wow, the whole rafting experience was mind-blowing. The Colorado River and Grand Canyon were pristine.

For 6 days we baked and marinated in sedimentary layers of history and volcanic pre-history. Sleeping under the stars, we saw an alien invasion--only to find out later it was JUST Space-X launching 60 satellites.

RD and Steph were the best guides a team could have (we never flipped once!), with Jeff and Ronnie expertly holding down the other raft.

We ate better off the grid than we do at home, and in wetter clothes. And so much lemonade (AKA river chardonnay).

Two weeks later, we are still finding sand, and waking up screaming "grab the pontoons!", but in only the best way possible.

Thank you so much, and may we all have more adventures like this one.

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