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This Rafting Trip Ruined Me For Future Rafting Trips


| June 28, 2019

I brought my son on this rafting trip as a graduation present and last father/son trip before he begins college. I can only say that this trip exceeded my expectations. The guides, young people who obviously love the river and sharing it with others, were awesome. Steve, Abby, Dylan and Derek took care of everything, always had a good attitude, helped when needed, prepared meals that I'm shocked were prepared on a riverbank, and always put the guests first.

The "J-rig" raft, is everything to all people. Want a more adventurous ride, go up front...lazy or a little older, sit in back. Always felt safe. You need to have some dexterity to climb on and off the "J-rig" rafts...but that's the worst I can say about them.

The Colorado River...ah the river. Canyonlands National Park is amazing...Cataract Canyon is an adventure. We got two excellent hikes to break up the 'float' days. We were expecting 1 day of rapids, but we got an extra half day. Have never been on a trip with so many great rapids, so close together, that are so exciting. It's ruined me for any other whitewater trip in the future...because it cannot get better than this.

Overall, I couldn't have been happier...amazing memories with my son...thanks Western River. I will definitely book another trip with you in the future.

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