double clickPictures of Rafting Westwater Canyon, Utah
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Westwater Canyon Pictures

Pictures of the Westwater Canyon and the 4 Day Westwater Multi-Sport Trip are on display below. They took a long time to collect and pin together for this photo gallery, but that's nothing compared to the 4.2 Billion year old rock that the Colorado River has cut through to form raucous rapids and the best one day whitewater rafting vacation in the West! In other words, you just have to see it in person and experience why National Geographic Adventurer magazine liked it so much it named Westwater Canyon the best in the West for 1 day whitewater rafting.

How to Take Pictures in Westwater Canyon and Moab Utah

On the Westwater Canyon Multi-Sport trip, you will have ample opportunity to snap outrageously beautiful pictures of Moab, Utah and the surrounding area. The highway between the town of Moab and the Red Cliffs Lodge, where you'll be staying, is consistently voted one of America's top scenic byways. Not to mention the scenic thrills on the Hummer Safari, and any other excursions to places like Canyonlands or Arches National Park.

For the river portion of your multi-sport trip, you may wonder what type of camera to bring, and how to protect it. Things happen pretty fast in the rapids of Westwater Canyon, especially in a paddle raft. Your hands will be busy paddling, and you won't want to be fiddling with a camera. Getting a waterproof camera that can attach to you, or stow away securely in a pocket is your best bet. In addition to some of the suggestions mentioned in this video, you may also want to bring along a small float to attach to your camera in case it gets dropped in the water. Enjoy the experience though, and don't stress about getting the perfect shot in the canyon. That's why we took pictures of Westwater Canyon for you in the gallery!