Western River Expeditions

Watch the video and you'll understand why this is one of the most awesome experiences

3 days rafting through the Grand Canyon contained everything one can imagine.
Helicopter Flight, silence, rapids, friendly societies, nature experiences and a crew that did everything that we could have it as good as possible.
You see, when you see...

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Colorado through the grand canyon, it canĀ“t be more amazing

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

The silence and the stunning scenery outshines everything else we've seen.
This was like balm for the soul.
Will never forget this trip.

Peter Welinder - Sweden

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Ecstasy to Tragedy After Grand Canyon Adventure

September 2001 found us on the three day Western River Grand Canyon excursion. Our raft was mostly made up of a retirement party from Anderson Consulting, a split from Arthur Anderson. The venture culminated in a transfer to an airboat across Lake...

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Looking Down The Grand Canyon From Nankoweep

This picture was taken during a stop where we hiked up to the ruins at Nankoweep during the Grand Canyon 6-day rafting trip. The view looking down canyon is spectacular, and this is my favorite viewpoint during the trip.

Everything about this trip...

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The Grand Canyon 3 Day Rafting Trip Was Totally Awesome, Next, I Will Do The 6 Day

I woke up on our first morning of our Grand Canyon 3 day rafting trip and moments later I noticed this guy or girl 15 feet from my cot!

So many cool things to see, but the best was being with my Dad.

We will remember this rafting trip forever and it...

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Family Life on the River - With Western River Expeditions

Family Rafting VacationThis was the very BEST trip of our lives! No iphones, No Ipads, No Ipods, No meetings or e-mails! Just pure family! Family fun, Family smiles, Family love all rolled up into a lifetime of Family Memories which to me is priceless!

I would like to do...

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"Run the Wild River" - Jack Curry Presents: Western River Expeditions!

WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITIONS - ā€œRun the Wild Riverā€ Documentary

"Run the Wild River", is a 1962 documentary of the first descent of El Sumidero Canyon, near Chiapas, Mexico and other exploits of Jack Curry's Western River Expeditions in the very early...

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Paradise - Grand Canyon Vacations

This Grand Canyon trip meant so much to my family and I for so many reasons.

The first being that my dad, brother and I are all scattered around the United States. Ā Dad lives in New Hampshire, my brother in Philadelphia, and myself, I am in South...

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Group 113560 Rules May 13-18, 2014 - Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting

We are a group of 23 people from all over the United States. Ā 

We are so excited about our trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions.

Some of us have done the trip before and several have hiked the Grand Canyon.


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Family Adventure On A 7 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

My family was a little apprehensive about doing this Grand Canyon rafting trip because whatever dad wants to do is usually not fun for them.

Well, once the trip got started and we settled into the daily routine it ended up being one of the best...

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24/7 Happyness - Grand Canyon Vacations

Warm sand to dig the toes in and cold beer to spill the sand down, while waiting for another mouth-watering dinner a la Western River Chefs.

This picture was shot on my fifth 6-day trip through the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions. I will...

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"24 Years Old And A Bucket List... Ha!" - Grand Canyon 4 Day Trip

Ginny:Ā  "Why do you take so many pictures?"

Me: "Well, 2 years ago I lost everything I had including 22 years of pictures and videos. So instead of spending my time buying material things, I spend it making new memories and taking photos to make up...

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I Am Married Today Because He Said Yes To A Grand Canyon Rafting Trip!

I am married today because my then friend Dave, said yes to go with me on a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

I have been friends with Dave for over 10 years. We met at work. He is a Veteran, and employed as a Carpenter. I am a Nurse. Two years ago we kissed...

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The Rabbit Didn't Do It!

Where did the boat go? Ask Ronnie...(that would be an inside joke for Ronnie!)

Brian - Bailey, Colorado

Learn more about Western River's "J" Rig.


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Colorado River Rafting Adventure, Grand Canyon May 2013

Thank you to Western River Expeditions, our guides and our rafting friends for making this a trip of a lifetime. Memories we will treasure forever. This is a must do for everyone at least once. We can't wait to do it again.

Lea Cordoba & Tim Hollis -...

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Grand Canyon Family Bonding

My whole family went on a 7day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. It was an experience of a life time and something none of us will ever forget.

When you start at mile 0 you're amazed by the beauty and excited about the adventure your starting. You...

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Colorado River Rafting is a Fantastic Adventure & WRE is Awesome!

Stories, photos, videos hardly do this trip justice because you really have to see and experience it for yourself! Don't make excuses make reservations with family, colleagues, friends, and make new ones along the way. Rafting the Colorado River...

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Colorado River in Grand Canyon - Just Doesn't Seem Real

Grand Canyon 4 Day Trip

Even looking at it with my own eyes, the Colorado River in Grand Canyon just doesn't seem real.

The trip was a gift for my nephew. He is growing up, a teenager and rarely cracked a smile. Our 4 days on the river put a smile on his face like I hadn't...

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Dressed For Dinner On The Last Night, Camped Just Above Lava Falls, Grand Canyon

This Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip was our retirement gift to our family.

We had done this Colorado River trip before and needed to share the amazing experience.

The last night on the river is always a very special, poignant moment.Ā  Reflecting...

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Al's 2011Rafting Expedition on the Colorado River

Al's 2011 Expedition Down the Colorado from Robert Myers on Vimeo.

7 days on the Colorado River with the highest water in years.

June 2011 was an exhilarating time with great friends. Exciting rapids, great hiking in the many side canyons and fun...

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