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Western River Expeditions helped pioneer the concept of rafting vacations over six decades ago. Since 1961, consistent dedication to quality, excellence in trip safety, integrity, and experience of guides provides ample confidence that you're traveling with the best. Every year, Western River Expeditions escorts more people down the rivers we run than anyone else. In addition to thousands of repeat customers, over 75% of our new guests come each year as a result of the recommendations of past guests. Many of these recommendations are due to the following areas we feel we have honed to the highest standards of quality.

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Each year, TripAdvisor recognizes travelers' favorite businesses around the world, based on reviews and ratings collected over 12 months. Western River Expeditions scored a spot at the top thanks to YOUR reviews— it's a win/win!

Reader's Choice USA Today Winner! Best White Water Rafting Tour »

Best Rafting Tour

We were honored with a nomination in a USA Today Reader's Choice poll for the ten best whitewater rafting outfitters in North America. We have always worked hard to live up to our tagline of providing the "Best Rafting Vacations in the West", so it's especially nice when a reader's choice award decides we really are #1!

Voted #1 Best White Water Rafting Tour by the readers!

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Western River Guides

"Oh! The guides are just wonderful. God creates a special species to be a river guide - especially a Western River guide. I don't know where they find these people. They are the most wonderful and delicious people, the most competent, energetic people that I've ever met in my entire life."

The Western Way

"Our guide selection and training is something we take very seriously. We hire guides for their incredible personalities, and we train them in the "Western Way, which is... very unique."

Western Presents: "The Day Before"

What does it take to host a party for up to 28 people for more than a week through 277 miles of the Grand Canyon on a massive inflatable raft?

Best Guides in the canyon

Best Guides and Leaders »

Western's claim to the best guides and trip leaders is not taken lightly; it is supported by rigorous selection and in-depth training sharply defined by six decades of experience. Each Western guide experiences nearly 300 hours of training before escorting his or her first guest down the river. This training includes swift water rescue certification, CPR and First Aid Certification, a state licensing test, food handler's education, on-river cooking courses, geology and interpretation classes, and Western's renowned custom guide-training program. The result? Trips unfold safely and seamlessly. The men and women who lead our trips are intelligent, personable, fun, responsible and dedicated.

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Newest Equipment and Rafts

Newest Equipment and Rafts »

When you are enjoying an adventure vacation, it is important that you are comfortable and secure. At Western River Expeditions, we take great care to assure that all of our river equipment is in top-quality condition at all times. Camping equipment, including cots, tents, and sleeping bags, are consistently upgraded to make sure you have the most comfortable camping experience possible. Staff is employed to search for the best equipment and gear available. Each raft in our fleet is upgraded on a regular basis so that you will have the latest rafting equipment on every trip.

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All Inclusive Trips

All Inclusive Adventure »

Whatever your trip choice, you'll find that every Western River Expedition is packed from beginning to end with meals, equipment, and entertainment that are simply built into the vacation. No need to keep a wallet handy to enjoy all there is on these vacations.

Camping expeditions enjoy first class amenities: Deluxe tents and cots, comfortable camp chairs, delicious Dutch-oven dinners, buffet breakfasts and lunches, expertly-trained guides, and top-quality rafts and equipment - all included in the trip price. It's adventure made easy. All you have to do is show up!

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Travel Planning Made Easy

Vacation Planning Made Easy »

Knowing that a vacation can often be more work than fun, Western has taken the hassle out of vacation planning, traveling and packing. After you reserve your Western River Expedition, you'll receive a detailed list of everything you need to bring as well as a catalog featuring recommended items from our online store. You'll also receive detailed information of where and when to meet before your trip along with several simple options for getting there.

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Comfortable Camping

Comfortable Camping »

On trips where we spend overnight outdoors, we make things comfortable by providing comfortable cots, roomy tents, sleeping bags, and camp chairs. For guests who have never slept outside before, camping with Western River Expeditions is one of the most memorable aspects of the trip.

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Delicious Dining

Delicious Dining »

Whether you're rafting, hiking, paddling or just relaxing, outdoor adventure just seems to work up a well-deserved appetite. Over the last 60 years, Western has fine-tuned a menu that will surprise and please those hearty appetites.

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Family Friendly

Family Friendly »

Nothing creates bonds and deepens friendships like an outdoor family adventure. Those of us at Western River Expeditions who are parents and grandparents understand the importance of creating memorable, active vacations for children and adults who want to share the most unforgettable, fun-filled vacation possible. Since minimum age on Western's rafting trips ranges from 5 to 12, there are plenty of options for the whole family.

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Care for the Environment

Environmental Sustainability »

Western River Expeditions' "Guiding Green" initiative is our way of giving back to the environment. A combined effort from guests, guides and our entire company make a difference for the rivers and canyons in which we operate. Western's guides work, live and play in truly pristine natural settings. Since 1961, our goal has been to minimize the impact of our visit by living the "take only photos, leave only footprints" philosophy. We work hard to maintain our natural surroundings…picking up litter (even the tiniest food scrap), setting up cots and tents only in certain areas, and hiking just on designated trails. We recycle and use recycled products. We teach our guests how to respect and care for the environment.

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