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Rafting Gear & Clothing

It's important to be prepared for your rafting trip. You may encounter all types of weather and conditions. Planning ahead and having the proper gear will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable river rafting experience.

Through several decades of experience on the river, Western knows what clothing and gear will keep you smiling every second of your adventure. For your convenience, you can find all these items online with Western’s retail division, Red Rock Outfitters.

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Redrock Outfitters »

Everything you need for your rafting trip can be found at one place. Western River's own retail store Red Rock Outfitters. Shop for every item on your packing list, from shoes to soap. With fast, easy online ordering you can get everything on your packing list sent straight to your door! Start your shopping now:

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Rro Works Him

Men's Outdoor Clothing »

"The Works for Him" includes all the basic gear and apparel you'll need for your white water adventure! Plus, when you purchase the works, you'll receive a discount on all the items in the package.

Men's Outdoor Clothing »

Rro Works Her

Women's Outdoor Clothing »

"The Works for Her" includes all the basic gear and apparel you'll need for your white water adventure! Plus, when you purchase the works, you'll receive a discount on all the items in the package.

Women's Outdoor Clothing »

Rro Works Gear

Outdoor Accessories »

Being prepared comes down to not only covering your body, but covering those "little luxuries". For example, having a lightbulb attached to your head is a good idea once daylight fades. Get a river map to see what's next, or get a towel with a Western River map printed on it to stay both dry & informed!

Outdoor Accessories »


Outdoor Footwear »

Finding the right shoe for the river is as important as the left... (bad joke). It used to be cowboy boots, then sneakers, then flip-flops... But since a Grand Canyon river guide invented the Teva sandal in the early 1990's, a flood of footwear innovation has followed, literally in their footsteps ever since. Choose from a wide variety of shoes made for outdoor adventure, but don't skimp! "Blowouts" aren't good when it comes to footwear!

Outdoor Footwear »

How to pack for a river rafting trip

This video about packing for a river rafting trip will provide some details about WHY you should choose the items we recommend. Getting it "just right" for you is what we're all about!

Duffle Bag

Duffel Bag

All of your personal items should be packed into a soft-sided duffel bag approximately 12” x 13” x 24” in size. Due to aircraft weight allowances and raft space, please limit your gear to 20 pounds, not including beverages.

Day Bag

Day Bag

Upon arrival to the river’s edge, you will be provided a water-resistant day bag (approximately 7” x 13”). In this day bag, you will want to put those items you wish to access during the day (rain gear, camera, medications, sun block, lip balm, river guidebook, etc). We recommend packing these items in a simple plastic grocery sack inside your duffel for easy transfer to your day bag at the launch site.

Dry Bag

Gear Bag

Also upon arrival at the launch site of your trip, you will receive a water resistant gear bag. This bag will contain your sleeping bag, sheet and ground tarp. You will put your duffel bag inside this bag, roll the top down and clip it securely to avoid getting your personal gear wet. Your personal gear bag will be available at camp each night of your trip.

Packing List Insights from Sarah on our Guest Blog »

Sarah Packing TipsSarah Says: The Western River packing list is pretty good, but knowing what I know now, the type or style of the item I would bring on a future Grand Canyon rafting trip would be different... Read More

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