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Grand Canyon Magnificence

4 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

Fantastic trip! Just the right length and lots of splashy water 😀. The little rainy weather and clouds made the temps so much more enjoyable. Food was great and our rafting crew was awesome!!! The one night stay at the...

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What an epic trip

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

I would say once-in-a-lifetime trip, but that would be false as I wholeheartedly plan on coming back! The whole trip was amazing, I will never forget this experience. Being with nature, unplugging from life and...

Cataract Canyon Dark Canyon

4 Great River Trips.

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

This was my 4th trip with Western River and the second on the Cataract Canyon. The first one was back June of 1996 and in 2004 I did the 6 day Grand Canyon and in 2007 I did the 3-day Grand Canyon and they all were great...

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Better than a diamond!

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

When my husband asked me to marry him, I told him I didn’t want a diamond, I wanted an experience. He delivered when he accepted an invitation from Boyd Luke to join a chartered Western River Expedition through the Grand...

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Darlene’s big adventure

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

I cannot begin to describe what an awesome experience this was for me. I am 72 and had never done anything quite so far out of my comfort zone. I knew I wanted to have a great adventure and I found it. So many see the...

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Thrill of a Lifetime!

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

I was privileged to be part of the Hoagland party (Hoagie!). I also had the privilege of taking my 77yr old Aunt Cindy. The guides were amazing! Ben B was at the helm, and his readings and anecdotes, philosophy, and...

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You’re never too old...

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

The Desolation Canyon trip far exceeded my expectations. Our trip leader, Mya, and her team were exceptional. They were always concerned with our safety, comfort, and overall fun experience. They cooked great meals and...