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Incredible Colorado River Rafting Vacation


| April 9, 2010

Our excellent Colorado River rafting vacation started with making our reservations with Western River Expeditions' friendly reservation staff. Lori helped me from the start. She was knowledgeable, responsive, kind and professional every time we had contact. She really set my expectations for the kind of people I would encounter from Western during our trip. The pre-trip materials we received were excellent as well. Quite honestly, I chose Western because you present yourselves more professionally than any other company. Browsing your website provides a great mix of visual and textual information. Its very well laid out, informative, contains about the right amount of information, and the photos were spectacular. Great investment on Western's part. The materials I received in the mail were also well put together, informative, and easy to go through. Then on the river, our guide service was phenomenal. We had an OUTSTANDING crew!!! Cash is an excellent trip leader and its clear the other guides respect him and work very well with him. Ronnie - AMAZING. Together, Cash and Ronnie made everyone feel comfortable, confident with the boats, and included in activities. Their knowledge of geology and the history/culture of the canyon were fantastic. Whenever there was a question she couldn’t answer right away, Ronnie always came back with an answer the same day. Ronnie and Cash told lots of stories too, either of their own experiences, or from books they brought along. This was a purely enjoyable way to really get to know the character of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area. I can't commend them enough for their professionalism, knowledge, concern for the welfare of everyone on the trip, humor, wit, and tireless dedication to making sure we had the best possible experience on the river. The way they communicated with us constantly every day, making sure we all understood every detail of the program, demonstrated their passion for the work they do and the place they showed us. While Cash and Ronnie focused on the big picture, Jeff and Nick were every bit as much dedicated, attentive, and conscientious. They were always the first to get going in the morning, and had the most contact with the guests. Their attention to detail and safety was outstanding. Together, these four guides made a tremendously powerful crew. I wouldn’t trade any of them for any other guide on the river. Our total trip experience was excellent. Everything was extremely well organized. Our transportation throughout the trip was on time, clean, and with friendly, professional service. Camping was spectacular - the fire line concept is a great team building exercise to get guests mingling. Our meals were expertly prepared and presented. The food was delicious every day we traveled. And you gave us ice cream!!! Wow. Hiking/Scenic stops were aplenty. Every day we did something other than just float on the river. And it was clear our guides loved hiking as much as rafting, and took great pride in creating full days for us, every day. They took extra care to consider the entire group and made sure there was something for everyone to enjoy. It really made for a memorable Grand Canyon rafting experience.

Jon-Paul - Alexandria, VA
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