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My First Time Camping Was a Great Success


| April 9, 2010

I had no experience in getting ready for a Colorado River raft trip. Western River Expeditions reservation staff and pre-trip materials were excellent. I packed according to the list and I had everything I needed The guide service with Western River was great. Mark and Wren were excellent guides. Wren was very entertaining and we enjoyed his stories. It was my first time camping. I loved it. Setting up the tents and cots was really easy. The meals were a big surprise to me. I couldn't believe how great they were and how they were able to prepare the meals. It was a pleasant surprise. The stops were so much fun. I got to hike, jump off waterfalls, slide down rapids. I really enjoyed it all. Our trip was in May of 2009 and we would recommend this Colorado River vacation to anyone wanting a great rafting experience.

  Joy - Astoria, NY
Great Rafting Vacation

Western River Rafting Trip
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