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Remember your first kiss?


| April 8, 2010

How could we describe our 6-Day Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions trip to a friend?  How overwhelmingly beautiful the Grand Canyon is?  How excellent our guides Ben, Jeremy, Shad and Shadrach had been? (Thank You, guys!)  How charming the other people had been?  How delicious the meals, how very impressive the nights under the stars and how perfect the organization of this trip were?  How much fun we had during the entire trip?  All this applies.  But it could never express what this trip really meant to us.  Therefore, we would say to our friend: Remember how your heart was beating at your first kiss!  Our hearts were beating like this all the time on the river.  And will do so whenever we remember this fantastic adventure.

Peter - Vienna, Austria
Grand Canyon 6/7 Day Trip

Western River Rafting Trip
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