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Grand Canyon with Western River Never Disappoints


| April 8, 2010

This was my 3rd Western River Expeditions Grand Canyon trip.  I went in 1989 with friends, 2 couples & me.  I went again in 1991 with my 2 sons.  I was 54 on the first trip and 72 this year.  Nothing has changed with regard to the excellence of Western River Expeditons in all phases of this adventure.  Planning, guides, equipment, gear & food.  Of course, the Grand Canyon never disappoints.  Despite these 3 trips I have never been able to describe it adequately to anyone. It must be experienced.  Then it is yours to savor forever.  It is an emotional and jaw dropping awe inspiring experience and will make you a better, stronger person for having made the decision to do it.  I strongly recommend this trip to anyone and particularly via Western River Expeditions, of course.

Dean - St Louis, MO
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Western River Rafting Trip
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