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This was the most perfect vacation of my life


| April 9, 2010

I was 73 years old when I went on your  6-Day Colorado River running trip in Grand Canyon. Nine of my family members went with me including my nephew, age 18. We had a very memorable family vacation together. My reservation experience couldn't have been better and the pre-trip materials left nothing out. AND, we had the most outstanding people for guides. They were helpful, knowledgaeble, funny, caring, and understanding when it took me longer than the rest of the group. I love them all. Thank you for making this the most perfect vacation of my life. PLUS, the food couldn't have been any better than a 5 star restaurant. The whole experience was fabulous. Our fellow riders were all nice and friendly, not a grouch among them. I can't say enough about Lucky, Gonzo, Erica, and Derek, our guides. They were outstanding people. I'm too old to do it again, but some of my family will.

Bea -  San Ramon, CA
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