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Western River Expeditions makes it easy for you to offer the highest quality travel experiences to your clients. When you're a registered agent with Western, you can login to request information, make reservations and check availability online. Western also makes it easy to promote trips online and in print with a high resolution image gallery. To get started, follow these simple steps:

Get Registered

In order to make reservations or request information, you must first be a registered agent with Western River Expeditions. To register, please call us at (866) 904-1160. Once you're accepted into our network of certified resellers, we'll provide you with a login ID. You'll use this ID any time you make reservations or request brochures.

Promote Western's Trips

Using copy from our website and images from our high resolution gallery, you can easily promote Western River Expeditions' adventures in print and online.

Sell Trips Online

With a sophisticated, user-friendly system, you can not only check availability and book trips online for your clients, but you can even embed the online reservation process directly into your own site! This allows you to make commissions 24/7 and offers excellent service to your clients. If you'd like to learn more about how this works, please contact us.

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