Cataract Canyon and Sorrel Ranch

Majestic Colorado River

The Colorado River at Cataract Canyon is always impressive

Cataract Canyon as dusk Cataract Canyon as dusk

Wild West

Authentic horseback ride up through Castle Valley in Moab

Moab horseback riding Moab horseback riding

Lean Into It

A view from inside the J-rig rafts sometime used on Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon front rapid Cataract Canyon front rapid

Horseshoe Bend

You won't see it from this angle, but the trips travels through here

Colorado River Horseshoe Bend Colorado River Horseshoe Bend

Higher and Higher

Take in the red rock scenery and La Sal Mountains as a Hummer climbs you to the very top

Moab hummer tour Moab Hummer tour

Moonlight Serenade

A guide shows off his many talents around the campfire

Colorado River camping Colorado River camping

Quick Stop

An overlook from the top of the Hummer Safari

Hummer safari Hummer safari

Oasis in the Desert

The Sorrel River Ranch property along the Colorado River

Sorrel River Ranch overlook Sorrel River Ranch overlook

Feet in the Air

Sometime the rapids have their way with the rafters

River rafting in Cataract Canyon River rafting in Cataract Canyon

The Modern Ranch

Ammenities and great rooms come with your Sorrell River Ranch stay

Sorrell River Ranch cabins Sorrel River Ranch cabins

My daughter and I spent two days at the Sorrel River Ranch and the scenery and horseback riding was wonderful! Then on to the rafting! Our guides were just awesome. They were the most pleasant and entertaining people and boy could they cook!!! The food was fantastic. We had a really great group also. It was just a fantastic trip and one I would love to repeat. I can't say enough about the experience, background and friendliness of our guides. Thank you for a truly memorable experience!

Joan Kilgallon, Ocala, Florida