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Green River White Water Rafting

Green River White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting on the Green River in Utah is one of the best family vacations ever.  We get people from all over the world coming here with their children and leaving as life-long friends.

For the children, it’s all fun.  The rapids, the water fights, building sand castles, hiking, and just being kids along with their newly found friends.  For the adults, it’s a chance to relax and let the guides to a bit of the childrearing for a while.  The kids have plenty to do and they are in good hands.

Desolation Canyon on the Green River in Utah is great for families because the rapids are moderate, but still fun.  The camping is fantastic (great beaches and much shadier than most desert rivers).  Most of all, it is away from the distractions that get in the way of meaningful "family time".  Everyone in the family is together, doing the same thing, and having a wonderful time.  It doesn’t get any better.

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