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Moab Whitewater Rafting

Things are hoppin’ here in Moab this Easter weekend.  It’s the annual Jeep Safari and great people from all over the country are here to enjoy the amazing variety of off-road trails. 

On the agenda today?  An awesome Hummer Safari on the famous "Hell’s Revenge" trail.  After that, the Moab whitewater rafting for which the area is so famous.  In the heat of the summer, Moab attracts thousands of rafters to enjoy the rapids of the Colorado River.  At this time of year, now that the weather is warming up, there are fewer people, but we’re already running the trips.

Moab Whitewater RaftingHummer tours, whitewater rafting, and Easter Candy all in one weekend.  In the words of my 9-year old, "this is the best family vacation ever."

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