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Directions to Moab, Utah

Directions to Moab, Utah

Choose a direct flight to Moab's Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY) and grab a shuttle or rental car to town (20 minutes). Or arrive at one of several international airports within a 500-mile radius by driving or taking a shuttle.

OPTION A - Direct (connecting) Flight to Moab, Utah:

Canyonlands Field Airport is the official name of Moab Airport. Direct flights to Moab Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY) from Phoenix (PHX) are available through Contour Air. To avoid a flight path to Moab that doesn't route through Anchorage, AK, or some other far-away place, plan your flight to Phoenix and add your connecting flight from there.

Once you arrive at Moab airport, car rentals or shuttle services are required to bring you into the town of Moab, about 20 minutes to the south of Canyonlands Field Airport. Note: Canyonlands Jeep & Car Rentals have unique connections with Western River and Moab Adventure Center, adding some extra conveniences.

OPTION B - Driving Directions to Moab, Utah:

Drive (rental car) to Moab from the international airports in the 500-mile radius. We recommend scenic drives from Salt Lake City, Utah, or Denver, Colorado. Car rental at the airport is highly recommended over shuttle services as it is cheaper and gives you independence once in Moab.

  1. Fly to Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC) and rent a car (4-hour drive to Moab) - Directions to Moab from Salt Lake International: I-80 eastbound to Exit 121 to I-15 southbound, Exit 257 to Price, Hwy 89 continue up Spanish Fork Canyon Hwy 6 toward Price, continue south Hwy 6 becomes Hwy 191 to Moab, short eastbound on I-70 toward Denver, Exit 182 to Hwy 191 toward Moab.
  2. Fly to Denver, Colorado (DEN) and rent a car (5 hour drive to Moab)
  3. Fly to Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT) and rent a car (1.5 hr drive to Moab)
  4. Fly to Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) and rent a car (8 hour+ drive to Moab)

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