Family Rafting Vacations

Family Rafting Trips and Adventure Vacations

Nothing creates bonds and deepens friendships like. Discovering river history and folklore, as well as the excitement of , will provide both fun and learning for the whole family. Those of us at Western who are parents and grandparents understand the importance of creating memorable for children and adults who want to share the most unforgettable, fun-filled adventure possible.

NEW FAMILY MAGIC ADVENTURES: Experience an incredible new class of adventures perfect for parents and grandparents traveling with younger kids and teens! Western's trips on the Green River in Utah and Salmon River Canyon in Idaho offer a dedicated "River Jester" who leads games, nature exploration and other activities, a special kids menu and selection of oar boats, paddle boats and kayaks providing lots of hands-on action for the whole family.

Family Rafting Trips and Adventure Vacations

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