Grand Canyon Rafting 6 and 7 Day

Did you know Grand Canyon is regulated by a dam just upstream, so August trips enjoy the same water levels as any other time of year.

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The Colorado River or Green River trips, just north of Grand Canyon in Utah are Rated among the TOP 10 rafting expeditions in America.

In the grandest canyon of the , experience the excitement, serenity, joy and enchanting beauty of the river as it transforms this divine chasm and those who venture down it. Go 187 miles in 6 or 7 days, each day descending deeper into geologic time. The is ever-changing, with massive walls that step back to expose eons of natural history, at one place dark and narrow, and at another lush with waterfalls thundering hundreds of feet in luminous free fall. Daily side hikes lead you to sparkling streams, pristine pools, green fern glens, and ancient Anasazi ruins. The astounding scenery through is enhanced by the thrill of over 60 rapids where Western’s unique motorized J-Rig rafts will give you maximum excitement and safety.

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Grand Canyon 6/7 Day
6-7 days, 5-6 nights
188 river miles
Minimum Age: 12
Begins and Ends
Las Vegas, NV or
Marble Canyon, AZ
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Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day Expedition

7 Surprises of a Grand Canyon Trip
Incredible, breathtaking, the most magical place on earth. I wasn’t sure how this vacation would stack up to others, but after spending 6 days in that canyon it was without a doubt the best vacation of my life. I don’t think I would be saying that were it not for our fabulous guides. If you are thinking about taking this trip do it. Whether you love being outdoors or love air conditioning and email like myself you will love this trip. Thanks everyone for great food, fun, family, and friends.

KATIE BOUTON, Huntington Beach, CA