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Do you ever find yourself dreaming about an absolute escape from the hectic world around us – completely free of distractions? Searching for an unparalleled journey that you can go back to in your memory for the rest of your life? A true bucket lister, constantly conjuring up stories that bring endless smiles and laughter?

A vacation like this is priceless. It heals the soul. Over the last 50 years, Western River Expeditions has carefully crafted what we consider to be the perfect vacation and it happens this summer on these 4 remaining dates on a Grand Canyon 6 or 7 day adventure:

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What's Included?

HELICOPTER » Exit the canyon by helicopter after the trip is finished.

"This was truly a trip of a lifetime for me. I was 'happy to the very deepest part of me' as put by one of my fellow river runners! It changed my view of life - put what is important into perspective."

Cathy, Tennessee

RAFTING » Nearly 200 miles of amazing scenery and over 60 rapids.
HIKING » Short walks to longer, more difficult hikes (all optional).
CAMPING » Cots, tents, sleeping bags, chairs & water-resistant bag.
MEALS » All deluxe meals are prepared for you between departure and return.

The pinnacle of Relaxation

Whitewater exhilaration

Ancient and natural wonders abound

Awe-inspiring night skies

Brethe in the sunrise

Play like a kid again

All this provides an indescribable sense of belonging. A sense of oneness with yourself and those around you. A sense of adventure, reflection and renewal. A time to hear your own heart beat. On a Grand Canyon Adventure with Western River Expeditions, you will quickly discover why so many are calling this “the best vacation of their lives.”

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Are you unsure of a vacation like this?  
Take a look at a few of our most common questions.

Is Previous Rafting Experience Required?

Previous rafting experience is not required for any Western River trip. Every rafting trip with Western River Expeditions has been designed to be comfortable and accessible to most anyone.

What if I Don't Have Much Experience with Camping?

If you are at all nervous about camping in the outdoors, rest assured, Western River will make your camping experience carefree. Your guides will prepare all your meals and provide you with comfortable cots, roomy tents, sleeping bags and sheets. All you need to bring is a duffle bag of personal belongings.

What if I'm Nervous About Whitewater?

You’ll ride aboard Western's patented "J-Rig," a large, motorized boat offering the most flexible and comfortable ride on the river. If you’re a thrill seeker (or if you become one), you can sit up front where the waves hit hardest, or you can ride aft in the “chicken coop” for more protection. There are plenty of calm sections along the river where you can move freely around the boat and trade seating positions throughout the trip.

A Whitewater “gusto” seating with safety lines
B “Adventure” seating atop food coolers
C Padded seating atop dry food storage boxes
D Storage area for guest luggage and trip equipment
E Ice water and lemonade coolers
F 4-Cycle outboard motor provides quiet propulsion with low emissions
G Extra motors and spare parts
H First aid supplies and satellite phone
I Compartmented neoprene rubber tubes have 20 separate air chambers and are capable of supporting 66,000 lbs.
J Cold beverage drag bag keeps drinks accessible throughout the day

J-Rig Raft


What is a Typical Day Like on the River?

After meeting your guides you will be given a trip orientation that will include how and where you can sit on the rafts, how to hold on, and safety precautions while on the river.

A typical day will include rafting for a few hours at a time, stopping for scenic side-canyon hikes, bathroom breaks, lunch and possible swimming opportunities. Visiting with new-found friends and learning river lore and geology from our well trained guides adds to the enjoyment of each day.

After a full day of learning and fun we arrive in camp. Guests will find their favorite campsite and then return to the rafts for the famous “fire line” - the way we load and unload rafts. Your help in passing the gear off the boat is greatly appreciated; however, if you have physical restrictions or limitations that would prohibit you from participating you are not required to help.

In camp, the guides will give a demonstration on how to easily assemble the cots and tents and will be available to help you if you need additional assistance. Western River provides cots, tents, sleeping bags, sheets, camp chairs and waterproof gear bags for all guests. You’ll have no need to worry about bringing any of your own camping equipment.

While you relax at the river’s edge, your guides will prepare a delicious steak dinner complete with sautéed mushrooms and onions, plus delicious side dishes and dessert. At night, whether you choose to sleep in your tent or under the vast canopy of stars, the fresh night air and the rhythm of the river will lull you to sleep. In the morning, your guides will prepare a delicious breakfast. You’ll have a chance to enjoy eating before returning to your campsite to take down your tent and cot and pack up your belongings in your dry bag. After bringing your bag down to the boats, guests participate in the fire line once again and you are off on another fun-filled day of adventure.

Through it all, you’ll quickly discover that the setting and pace of a Western River Expedition give you something you don’t find in other vacations.  You’ll be freed from the decisions about where to go, what to do, where and what to eat that occurs every day of the typical vacation.  You’ll find solice in removing yourself from civilization for a few days. You'll find what you'll soon be calling "the best vacation of your life."


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