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Grand Canyon 6 OR 7 Day

Grand Canyon 6 OR 7 Day Travel Planning

  • BEGINS: [See email confirmation for departure time] - Las Vegas OR Marble Canyon
  • TRIP LENGTH: 6-7 days, 188 miles
  • SEASON: April - September
  • FEATURING: Grand Canyon National Park, Marble Canyon
  • RAFTING: Class III-V whitewater combined with calm stretches
  • BOAT TYPE: Western's J-Rig (motorized)
  • HIKING: Short walks & longer hikes over moderate terrain (all optional)
  • CAMPING: Cots, tents, sleeping bags, sheets, ground tarps, chairs & water-resistant bags are all provided.
  • MEALS: All meals are prepared for you between departure & return
  • TRANSFERS: Bus, plane, and helicopter transfers to/from Colorado River/Las Vegas OR Marble Canyon
  • ENDS: Afternoon - Las Vegas Marriott OR Marble Canyon

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Grand Canyon 6-7 Day Travel Route with Flight from Las Vegas

Map of Flight to Marble Canyon

Physical Requirements on a Grand Canyon Trip

Please consider carefully any medical or health condition that would endanger yourself, or others on the trip, or diminish the enjoyment of an adventure vacation such as this. Factors of age, weight, lack of conditioning, heart or other disease can become exacerbated by the environment, remote distances from a hospital, and physical challenges of a rafting adventure. It is critical that you are in reasonable health and physical fitness at the time of departure so that our staff can focus their attention equally on all trip participants.

Read More about Physical Requirements

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Western's J-Rig Raft

Named after Western’s founder, Jack Currey, the “J-Rig” is a patented craft offering the most flexible and comfortable ride on the river. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can sit up front where the waves hit hardest, or ride aft for more protection. There are plenty of calm sections along the river where you can move freely around the boat and trade seating positions throughout the trip.

Western's J-Rig Raft
Packing list for the Grand Canyon 6-7 day trip

Download the Packing List »

Download it, print it, mark it, bring it or recycle it. This is what you need to pack for the river.

Packing List

Packing & Travel Details

  • Bring your duffle, Western provides the rest
  • Extra drinks can be purchased after your morning flight at Marble Canyon Lodge
  • Car keys and other valuables should be checked safely at the hotel along with extra luggage

Items Provided by Western »
  • Transportation to Boulder Terminal from Las Vegas Marriott
  • Charter flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon & return from Bar 10 Ranch (extra cost applies)
  • Motor coach return from Boulder Terminal to Las Vegas
  • Professional, licensed guides
  • All meals between trip departure and return
  • All eating utensils and souvenir insulated bottle
  • Unlimited water and lemonade
  • Freshly laundered sleeping bag and sheet
  • Cot (28” x 74”)
  • Tent and ground cover
  • Water-resistant dry bag for sleeping gear and personal duffle bag
  • Custom rafts
  • US Coastguard approved whitewater life jackets
  • Wilderness First-Aid kit
  • Sanitary Facilities
Things to Bring on the River »

Duffel bag (approx. 12”x13”x24”), packed with personal items outlined on the packing list

Extra drinks, if desired. Water and low-calorie lemonade are available in unlimited quantities on the boats, and in camp. Western does not provide beer, liquor, or soda pop. Each guest may bring one case (24) of additional canned beverages. For guests flying on the charter flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon, all beverages other than hard liquors can be purchased after your flight at the Service Station/Convenience Store across the street from the airstrip at Marble Canyon Lodge. Beer and boxed wine are usually available. Hard liquor is not available at the Marble Canyon Lodge, and must be purchased in Las Vegas before your flight. Liquor will be included in the 25 lbs limit per person or there will be $15 charge. TSA regulations require that liquor be under 140 proof and stored in the original container. Glass containers of liquor may be stored in a protected place on the boats, but glass containers of beer and soda are not allowed.

Extra snacks, if desired. (Snacks will be provided during the trip)

Photo ID, a major credit card, and cash for gratuities.

Camera(s) - Phones as cameras in waterproof cases/sleeves (Cell service unavailable)

Medications - Each year a few of our guests traveling on airlines arrive without luggage. With this in mind, we suggest you carry with you medications, prescription glasses, and anything you may not be able to replace the evening before your trip departs.

Things NOT to bring on the River »
  • Car keys can be left at your hotel front desk, or with stored luggage while away
  • Unnecessary electronic devices (game devices for kids, etc.)
  • Valuables such as jewelry, rings, etc.
Extra Luggage

Transfer all your personal clothing and gear which you will need on your rafting trip to a small, lightweight duffle bag. Identify duffle bag with label, and leave any extra suitcases or luggage in your vehicle or at the hotel. Please DO NOT BRING SUITCASES on your river trip. As part of your camping equipment package, we provide a water-resistant bag in which you will place your duffle bag as well as the sleeping bag that we provide.

Gear up with Redrock Outfitters »

Through several decades of experience on the river, Western knows what clothing and gear will keep you smiling every second of your adventure. Specifically, we’ve bundled “The Works” for him, for her and one for gear in general. Get a FREE item with a “Works” purchase. For your convenience, you can order all these items online with Western’s retail division Red Rock Outfitters.

    What to Expect on the Morning of Your Rafting Trip

    • Check out of your accommodations & grab a good breakfast ("Breakfast Go Boxes" provided by Western/Marriott)
    • Meet in the lobby of Las Vegas Marriott (check confirmation sheet for exact departure time)
    • Come dressed and ready to raft (see diagram on Packing List)

    THE DAY BEFORE (in Las Vegas) »
    1. Arrive in Las Vegas at least the day prior to the trip's departure.
    2. Review details in the WHERE/WHEN TO MEET section below.

    NOTE: Book your room on the Western River block as soon as possible. We will alert you by email when the block of rooms are available to book for your given year of travel.

    DAY ONE MORNING Part 1 (leaving Las Vegas) »
    1. Set your alarm to arrive in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel at 4:40 am (Pacific Time).
    2. You should receive a boxed breakfast, provided graciously by the Marriott Hotel.
    3. Under the direction of the bus driver, you will load your duffle, board the bus, and be on your way to the Boulder Municipal Airport by 4:45 am.
    DAY ONE MORNING Part 2 (arriving at Marble Canyon Lodge) »

    NOTE: The Marble Canyon airstrip is located across the highway from the Marble Canyon Lodge.

    1. Flight will arrive at the Marble Canyon Airstrip at approximately 7:30 AM. Your guides will greet you under the pavilion adjacent to that air strip.
    2. Place your duffle in a trailer that the guides will direct you towards.
    3. Purchase last-minute items, soda, beer, etc. at the convenience store across the highway near Marble Canyon Lodge.
    4. Participate in a role call, then load the vans for a quick drive down to the river's edge at Lee's Ferry.
    DAY ONE MORNING Part 3 (Lee's Ferry) »

    NOTE: There will be several rafts prepared by the guides the day before your arrival. Listen carefully as your guides point out which boat(s) are assigned to your group.

    1. Help unload duffle bags and beverages from the trailer.
    2. Identify your bags and beverages.
    3. Bring your duffle to the rubber dry bags lined up in front of your assigned boat(s). Your beverages should be placed on the ground in front of your boat(s).
    4. Separate your day items (camera, sunscreen, rain gear, etc.) from your duffle bag. Place them in the smaller rubber dry bag, and the duffle in the larger dry bag. Your guides will be there to help you.
    Tips for settling in for nights on the river »

    By the evening of your first day, you'll feel a world away from all the instructions and inputs required to get you here. It only gets better as you settle into the rhythm of the river. Below are a few tips, generated by years of input from both guides and guests, aimed at getting you into that rhythm even quicker:

    • First chance you get, relax! You've had a big day! HUGE!
    • Keep your sleeping bag sand-free inside your rubber dry bag until the moment you crawl into bed.
    • Changing out of wet clothes may be your first inclination when you get into camp, but consider that getting wet in the river is the best way to stay cool if it is still hot in the evening. You can always change just before bedtime (in the cover of dark).
    • Sarongs, bedsheets, and/or sleeping bags make great changing rooms. Tents are great for rain, wind, or cooler temperatures.
    • Bathing in the river before sunset is an awesome way to ensure a good night's rest. Even if the river is silt-laden, it feels great to rinse your body of sweat, sunscreen, spilled mustard from lunch, etc. TIP: Using a synthetic loofah sponge and liquid biodegradable soap/shampoo is the very best way to lather up in the insta-drying air in the Grand Canyon.
    • Dip your bedsheet in the river on hot Grand Canyon nights and lay under the wet sheet for natural evaporative cooling on your cot. It may seem strange at first, but it works!
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    Grand Canyon Las Vegas Marriott

    Meet at Las Vegas Marriott »

    325 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV
    Meet in the lobby of The Las Vegas Marriott

    DEPARTURE: Boarding begins at 4:40 AM and bus departs at 4:45 AM for bus transfer to the Boulder Municipal Airport. A one-hour flight will bring you to Marble Canyon. Picture ID is required for all passengers 18 and older. A grab-and-go breakfast will be provided at the Marriott the morning of your flight.

    approximately 3:00 PM
    Upon the conclusion of your river expedition, you will board a flight to the Boulder city Terminal. A charter bus will return you to the Las Vegas Marriott.

    NOTE: For those choosing to stay somewhere other than the Las Vegas Marriott, it is your responsibility to arrive at the designated time and place mentioned above.

    LV Marriott & Western River Block Reservations »

    TIP: Plan at least 1 night before and after your trip.

    As a guest of Western River Expeditions, you'll receive preferred room rates and availability at the Marriott. The 2024 rates are $169 for King rooms/ $179 for Two Queen Suites plus taxes and fees (these rates are based on double occupancy). Our blocks are limited and there are no cancellation penalties prior to 72 hours in advance of your stay. Once the block is sold out we cannot guarantee rooms or pricing. Click the link below to make your reservations online as soon as possible.

    If you are unable to reserve using our online link, you may contact Kristy, our specialist at the Marriott, directly at 1-740-332-2888 or direct email- Please allow a 72-hour response window for messages. Be sure to mention the Western River Expeditions Block.


    • PARKING: $15 per car/ per day for hotel guests and $25 per car/ per day for non-guests
    • BAGGAGE STORAGE: $10.00 per bag/ per day for hotel guests and $20.00 per bag/ per day for non-guests
    • CANCELLATION & NO-SHOWS: Cancellations within 72 hours of the arrival date and no-shows will be charged 1 night’s room and tax.

    Book Room Now for 2024


    The Las Vegas Marriott will be undergoing a very well-planned and structured renovation beginning on August 27, 2024. Due to the careful thought that has been put into this project, we don't anticipate that it will cause much if any disruption for our guests. The hours of the construction during the specified dates will be from 8 AM- 5 PM, Monday - Friday.

    We do have overflow rooms with limited availability for any concerned guests at the Courtyard Marriott on 3275 Paradise Road, which is approximately a 5-minute walk or a short Taxi/Uber drive to the Las Vegas Marriott. The breakfast and pickup location will remain at the Las Vegas Marriott and it is your responsibility to get yourself there at 4:30 for breakfast pickup, departure is at 4:45 AM.

    If you wish to stay at the Courtyard Marriott the rates for Western guests are $189 for King rooms/ $189 for Two Queen rooms.

    You may reserve this property using this link: Courtyard Rate for Western River Expeditions Guests

    While in Vegas

    The Marriott is near the famous Las Vegas Strip, but away from the chaos. Enjoy either one! Taxi services, Uber or the Monorail are all convenient to the Marriott for transport to/from the hotel.

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    Things to do in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Pieros

    Piero's Italian Cuisine »

    Assuming you are staying at the Las Vegas Marriott on Convention Center Drive, you can stroll next door to Piero's Italian Cuisine for a surprisingly pleasant dining experience. Unlike virtually everything else in Las Vegas, Piero's doesn't look like much from the outside. Why? Because this is the place where the local big names and celebs from Mick Jagger to Michael Jordan go to enjoy a nice meal, undisturbed. Go inside, eat the cuisine, you'll suddenly see why.

    Las Vegas the Strip

    Cirque du Las Vegas »

    Taxi: The concierge at the Marriott recommends a Taxi to The Strip rather than via the nearby Monorail.

    Walking: Walking around the Vegas Strip is epic, but note that city blocks are gargantuan and distances are very deceptive.

    Monorail: A short walk from the Marriott is the Convention Center Monorail Station that leads directly into the heart of the famous Las Vegas Strip. You will need to navigate through Bally's Casino before emerging into the open air on The Strip.

    On The Strip: A focal point for the best of the strip is probably somewhere near the famous dancing fountains that grace the front of the Bellagio. The Cosmopolitan, Caesar's, Paris, are nearby. Any Cirque du Soleil show is going to impress. The Bellagio "O" show is a consistent crowd pleaser. The "Wicked Spoon" is a top rated all-you-can-eat-Vegas-buffet, located in the Cosmopolitan. Options are endless... Plan your activities carefully if you're getting up early in the morning for the river!

    Weather conditions on the Colorado River

    Weather Forecast on the River »

    Use this weather forecast only as a general guide. As your trip will span miles of river, this forecast from the nearest major weather station may not be indicative of the entire region where your trip will take place. Weather in the canyon may vary greatly from any specific forecast.

    Lee's Ferry Forecast

    How to Pack for your Grand Canyon Rafting Vacation

    Get a better idea of each of the items on your packing list. See an example of each item and understand why we recommend you pack it for the river.


    Packing the Best Camera for Rafting

    Choosing the right camera for whitewater rafting is an important decision. With so many options out there, we discuss the pros and cons of the more common cameras we see on the river.

    Do you REALLY need "Quality" Rain Gear?

    Western River Expeditions sent two of our intrepid guides to answer the question once and for all: "What is Quality Rain Gear and Why Do I Need it?"

    See how we pack for a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

    What does it take to host a party for up to 28 people for more than a week through 277 miles of the Grand Canyon on a massive inflatable raft?

    (Note: the video shows how we pack the rafts for the entire 277 miles of Grand Canyon)

    Expedition Guide

    Expedition Guide & Packing List

    Want to download (almost all) of this info?

    The Expedition Guide for each trip contains the packing list, and most of the info seen on this page. Sometimes it's handy to have this information in a printed format. You can always refer back to this page to watch the videos, or see the current weather and temperatures.

    Keep the PDF on your phone, or print it out for quick "offline" reference.

    Download Guide

    Post-Trip Travel Information »

    Grand Canyon Ranch Helicopter Canyon Your river trip ends at Whitmore Wash (mile 187) mid-morning on the last day. You'll bid farewell to your guides and board a helicopter to exit the canyon. A scenic 10-minute helicopter ride will take you from the river to Bar 10 Ranch on the rim of Grand Canyon. At Bar 10 Ranch you will have the opportunity to shower and have a light lunch before boarding the aircraft for your flight to Las Vegas or Marble Canyon - destination must be pre-determined (return flight is included in the trip cost – original picture I.D. is required for guests 18 and older). You will return to Las Vegas or Marble Canyon by about 3:00 PM. (Please inform us prior to your trip if your return plans change for any reason).