Green River Vacations
Carving its way through astounding sandstone walls, beautiful river beaches and a legacy of incomparable outlaw and Native American history, provides a playful journey, a true wilderness adventure without extreme whitewater – and Western’s selection of oar boats and inflatable kayaks (only available on this multi-night ) allows you to experience it any way you wish. More than 60 fun-filled rapids and unbeatable scenery make a favorite trip for families, first-time rafters or seasoned river runners. Your trip begins at Red Cliffs Ranch on the banks of the Colorado River near where you’ll experience an off-road Hummer® Safari, an optional horseback ride, and perhaps some of the most unique and inspiring scenery in the world.

Green River 6 & 7 Day
6 or 7 days, 5 or 6 nights
84 river miles
Minimum Age: 5
Begins and Ends
Moab, Utah
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Trip Rates
Adult: $1420
Youth 5-15: $1170
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Our vacation was amazing. The water and canyons were beautiful and endless. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing half the time. Living in a city for a while, you forget what untouched beauty still remains remarkable. It was so relaxing to just lay back on the boat and watch the scenery slowly creep by.
Camping was also a lot of fun, especially the food and entertainment.

Lacey Sinoski, Baltimore, MD