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A Family Comes Together – Colorado River Family Adventure

Family Rafting Trip with Western River Expeditions
Anybody that has ever been on a Western River trip knows that it is the best and "worst" of times. I mean the river, the food, the sights are just wonderful, but I have never been so hot, so cold and dirty in my life. If you have been, you understand. For me the best part of our family rafting trip was that it really helped bring my family together. For the first day or so, me being a dad tried to do everything for my family. I carried all the bags, set up the camp, and broke everything down as well. About day two, we sat down and had a family meeting about how everyone needed to pitch in and help. So from that day forward we all pitched in and everyone help carry the bags, set up camp and break it down too. That team effort helped bring my family closer, and it helped teach my boys some real lessons in life. I cherish the memories of the Grand Canyon trip, but I cherish the fact that it brought my family closer more.

Paul Graff

Bring your family closer together on a family rafting trip with Western River.

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