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An Intro to
Whitewater Rafting
Paddle rafting in Westwater Canyon, Utah

Why Whitewater Rafting?

The setting and pace of a white water rafting trip, especially with Western River, gives you something you don’t find in other vacations. It's not only about the whitewater rapids. On the river you'll find one of this planet's last remaining escapes from the hectic world around us – completely free of distractions.

You’ll eliminate the constant decisions about where to go, what to do, and where to eat each day of your vacation. On a white water rafting trip, you’ll experience relaxation as you drift over tranquil pools of water under the shadows of towering rock formations, the exhilaration and thrill of rolling waves and crashing whitewater, the exploration of seldom-seen natural wonders and Native American history, the peaceful moments of reflection as you gaze up at the star-studded sky, and the feeling of renewal as the morning sun slowly filters through winding canyons.

With Western River you will quickly discover why so many are calling this “the best vacation of their lives.”

Escaping TO the Real World

"It happens every trip that people realize instead of escaping from the real world, they've escaped TO the real world..."

Watch this three-minute video to hear guests and guides explain why whitewater rafting is so fulfilling.

Choosing the best outfitter

Choosing an Outfitter »

When you're ready to make an investment into an unforgettable adventure vacation, it's important that you choose the right company. Of course, there are the considerations of cost, date availability and location, but there are a few other very important factors that should be taken into account. A few of the most important considerations include the quality of guides and leaders, the state of the equipment and rafts, and the items provided in your vacation package.

Why Choose Western River?

The myths of river rafting

11 Myths About River Rafting »

For those who have misconceptions about what river rafting is all about, particularly overnight and multi-day expeditions, we have tried to either "confirm" or "bust" the most popular myths about river rafting.

Read the 11 Myths About River Rafting

Whitewater rapids classifications

Learn About the "Levels" of Whitewater Rapids »

Many are nervous about whitewater rapids, and the safety of rafting. Learn more about how rivers are classified into levels of difficulty, and more importantly, which rivers are best for first time rafters.

Learn about the levels of whitewater rapids

Oar-rig raft

What are the Rafts Like? »

Western River matches the right boats to the right size rapids for maximum thrill and safety. In general, each raft type offers a different kind of ride through the waves, hold different amounts of cargo for multi-day expeditions, and also offer different modes of propulsion.

Learn about Western's Fleet of Rafts

Gear up the right way for a river trip

What Kind of Gear Would I need? »

With over 60 years guiding whitewater rafting trips through some of the most remote landscapes in the West, you can trust that we've thought it through - and we've even made it easy to gear up.

Learn how to prepare for a rafting trip