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Flowers along the Pacuare River

Pacuare River Rafting

In stark contrast to the rivers of North America, the Pacuare River winds through the heart of Costa Rica's most spectacular jungle area. Named by National Geographic as one of the top 10 rivers in the world, the Pacuare River flows within a deep river gorge flanked by towering trees, vines, and waterfalls. The Pacuare is home to colorful toucans, parrots, sloths, frogs and morpho butterflies. As you journey through this tropical rainforest, you'll experience some of the best whitewater that Costa Rica has to offer. You'll spend the night at the exquisite Pacuare Lodge, including candlelit dinners overlooking the river. Indeed, rafting the Pacuare River is one of Costa Rica's most sought-after adventures.

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Costa Rica's Famed Pacuare River

Rivers abound in Costa Rica, but each runs a relatively short distance from volcanic mountain top to the Pacific Ocean on the west, or Caribbean Sea on the east. The Pacuare River descends the eastern slopes of Irazu Volcano toward the Caribbean Sea. Pacuare River rafting trips can begin with the "Upper, Upper Section" which tumbles recklessly down the steeper slopes with rarely navigated class IV, V and VI rapids. Mellowing for the "Upper" and "Lower" section, but still puncuated with occasional class III, IV and V rapids, the most commonly run section of Pacuare River rafting begins just over an hour upstream of the Pacuare Lodge. Floating downstream of the Pacuare Lodge brings you through the Huacas River Gorge and on to some of the largest rapids found on your Pacuare River rafting trip. Note that the size of the rapids can fluctuate greatly based on rainfall. In dryer periods, the Pacuare River will move a little more slowly and be more shallow, but still offer fun rapids (some a little more technical due to the shallower waters). With recent, heavy rainfall, the Pacuare will run faster and deeper and while some rapids found at shallower levels may be smaller, others can be much bigger. Rainfall is unpredictable, so bring your sense of adventure and be ready for anything that mother nature offers. Regardless of the whitewater, the Pacuare River scenery is always stunning.

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Rafting Trips on the Pacuare River

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With your Pacuare River Rafting experience as the centerpiece of this unforgettable vacation in paradise, you'll not only spend 2 nights in the unbelievable Pacuare Lodge, but you'll also explore the rainforest surrounding the Arenal Volcano, soak in hotsprings at Tabacon, and relax on the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park.

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