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A Great Time Rafting the Colorado River!

Colorado River Bathing

I had to twist her arm to go, but I think she had a great time down the Colorado! We were pushed to extremes right from the start. Muddy water..that is, FREEZING muddy water turned out to be a blessing after a day and a half of 90 plus degrees at night and no showers. Freezing or not, we all went in, and, Jackie, who loves anything cold, was the first to jump in! Would you say she enjoyed that first bath? I certainly would. And, I’ll bet she’d do it again in a heartbeat. My daughter, Jackie and I considered this the trip of a lifetime. We’ll remember it always…a chance to spend time together, in what we all came away agreeing was the most remarkable and awe inspiring location on earth. Truly an amazing example of what nature has to offer those willing to take that chance to go where others dare not go. Pictures alone cannot do it justice, but you can certainly get a glimpse of what awaits you.

Arthur Golden
Colorado River Rafting Trip

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