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A Water-Level View Is Sometimes the Best Perspective

I'm always trying to get friends or family to go on vacation with me, and no one will ever commit, so in July 2012, I decided to solo road trip-it from Ft. Worth, TX to Moab, UT.

It was a brilliant vacation, and one of the highlights was my overnight rafting trip on the Colorado River. I love swimming and water, and I took every opportunity to float in the river. I remember thinking how fascinating it is that the few feet separating being on the river and in the river can make things look and feel different.

Thanks to my trusty waterproof Nikon, I was able to take this photo. I love how you can see my yellow shoes in the foreground and watch the canyon and river stretch out in the background. You can just imagine how I was relaxing on my back, the PFD keeping me afloat, while I marveled at my current situation and location. Bliss.

Jenny – Ft. Worth, TX


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