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Colorado River Guides

Colorado River Guide CookingWe are a week away from the beginning of guide training season.  Every year, we have to replace a handful of guides who have moved on to other things.  We use our experienced guides to train the new guides, and the new people always bring a contagious burst of enthusiasm for the job.

We spend three full weeks teaching them to navigate the Colorado River near Moab, Utah.  We train in Westwater Canyon, Cataract Canyon and on the day trip stretch of the Colorado River.  Our first training trip will be through Desolation Canyon on the Green River.

The new guides learn food preparation, boating skills, history, archaeology, science, swiftwater rescue skills, first aid and even entertainment skills.  It is a lot to learn, but we hire bright people who pick things up quickly.  We also have a lot of resources (books, handouts, videos, etc.) that they can access so they can study even more on their own.

Sometimes we bring outside experts on our trips to teach about geology, history, or other important topics.  The most common comment from these experts is, “your guides know as much about these things as I do.”  It’s a nice compliment for our guides.  We’re proud of all the effort they put in to being great at their job.Colorado River Guide Guitar

Brian Merrill

Brian started his river career in 1984 and thought it would be a good summer job while in college. Along the way, he met his wife Dena, who also worked as a guide, tried a different career for a while, but came back to the river. His two older children have worked as river guides and his youngest is waiting his turn. Brian now serves as President and CEO of Western and is grateful, every day, for the wonderful people with whom he gets to work.

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