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Colorado River Rafting Trip – Heads Above The Rest

So many memories of a trip so extraordinary, there was never a dull moment. Every sight, sound took my breath away. From river bend to river bend, I could see cathedrals, pyramids, all the wonders of the world in the rock formations. Then that abrupt splash reminding you. It was reality. It was a rush and oh what fun. There was a special moment. One of our crew, a NY paramedic was waylaid on the river bank while others hiked the rocks. I stayed behind to help her. Her distress was real. The contact lens in her eye wouldn’t budge. We tried everything and emptied her water canteen. She was in panic mode. Then it came to me. Jesus told the blind man to wash in the Jordan. Why not have her submerge in the Colorado. I told her what to do. She washed her eyes in the Colorado River. The contact lens disappeared into cold, wild river. I figured her muscle contracted from its coldness, but the idea that came from the Source of all wonders. Thank you for such great memories.

Ann Lackey
Colorado River Rafting Trips

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