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Colorado River Vacations and Green River Trips are Unique Because…

As you plan your river rafting trip, you may begin to wonder exactly how a rafting adventure differs from a “regular” vacation. Whether you are going for a multi-day trip in the Grand Canyon, or the Colorado River and Green River near Moab, Utah, you’ll find just what you need from your vacation right here in the desert southwest.

  1. Personal & personable guides that you’ll come to know quite well in your several days together on the river. On a cruise you may get to know an attendant or staff member, but it’s rare to find that personal connection on any other vacation. Western River knows how important it is to find guides that are easy to talk to, have interesting stories to tell, or other talents to share on your rafting experience.
  2. A river rafting adventure can be as carefree as it gets. Many other vacations require someone in the group to decide the itinerary for the day, and then have the hassle of wrangling the group throughout the day. Once you get on the river, your biggest decisions will be whether to ride up front through the rapids, or to pick a grapefruit with or without a maraschino cherry.
  3. Remote wilderness. Now, it may seem scary to be in remote wilderness, but that’s part of the transformation you’ll make while on your rafting adventure. There literally is no cell phone service in these remote canyons–and that is definitely a selling point! Very unique to not even be tempted to check your email or messages, or surf the tube or web. Not to worry about isolation though, every Western River Expedition is equipped with a satellite phone (“the bat phone”) for any kind of emergency. Your guides are always Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified, just in case you stub your toe.
  4. Self discovery opportunites abound on adventure vacations because they require something of you. There are moments and challenges that are different for every guest. Whether it’s the challenge of being a first time camper, or the white knuckle test of bravery in an intense rapid, you all end up sharing a collective moment of personal discovery and sense of achievement.

Happy Campers on Western River Expedition

Hopefully this brief list helps you know why rafting with Western River Expeditions can be the best vacation of your life. If you’ve been on a trip with us, chime in with a comment about what made your own vacation with us unique for you.

Kam Wixom

Kam began guiding in the Grand Canyon in 1991, met & guided with his wife in 2000, and is the proud daddy of 5 kids. He now works as the Marketing Director for Western River Expeditions.

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