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First Time Rafters

Are you new to rafting expeditions and a little timid about handling the unknown?  Rest assure you’re getting the most well trained guides available.  These trips are also designed to be comfortable and accessible to most anyone.  The camping experience is even more relaxed with prepared meals, comfortable cots, roomy tents, and sleeping bags all provided for you.  The only thing required from you is a duffel bag of personal belongings.

If you’re nervous about the river’s whitewater rafting section don’t worry because you can plan you trip from calm rapids to intense whitewater rides. You can even choose the type of boat ride you’d prefer. You can paddle your own boat, ride in a boat with the guides at the oars, or the patented "J-Rig", which is a large motorized boat with seating in the front or back. There’s no reason to be nervous if you’re a first timer, just look here for more information

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