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Four days of Magic, Squirrel Dances, Family, and Spectacular Surroundings

This photo says it all!  Twenty-eight friends and family members, 28 tents, 28 cots, Food for 3 days, 28 sleeping bags, 28 duffle bags, 28 chairs, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and 4 great guides in 2 rafts?  Magic.

When I started planning my "bucket list trip" of rafting in the Grand Canyon I contacted several rafting companies.  Western River Expeditions was amazing in getting this big group organized and prepared for the trip of a lifetime.   Family and friends from London, California and New Jersey met in Las Vegas.  We had all ages (11-60 somethings) and everyone had the time of their lives!  Thanks to Joe, Tubbs, Max and Wren for keeping us entertained and educated (If you see them, ask them to do the squirrel dance for you!)  How do you describe a trip that starts in Las Vegas, takes a small plane to a dude ranch, picks you up in a helicopter, piles you in a raft for a whitewater experience, shows you stars you never imagined existed (with one falling about every 2 minutes), feeds you like you are on a cruise and gives you a loo with a view?   Priceless.  I still can’t wipe that smile off my face! Thanks.

Grand Canyon 4-Day Trip

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