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Green River Tours

Green River Tour GuidesOn Thursday, I get to go on one my favorite river trips in the whole world.  Desolation Canyon on the Green River in Utah has it all.  Stunning scenery, exciting whitewater, beautiful campsites, and amazing hikes.  For a family vacation, there is nothing like it.

On this trip we will be training the new guides that will join our existing crew of expert guides and who will eventually be leading our Green River tours.  These are intelligent, motivated, talented individuals who come to us with some remarkable resumes.  Little do they know that they are about to start the best job they will have in their life.  They will learn skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives and along the way they will meet some of the best people from all over the world.

Western prides itself on having the best crew on the river.  By the time we get done with these new people, they be ready to row, cook, entertain, and teach with the best.   We wish you could join us on the training trips, but you’ll be better off joining us on a regular trip when these amazing people are in their full glory.

Brian Merrill

Brian started his river career in 1984 and thought it would be a good summer job while in college. Along the way, he met his wife Dena, who also worked as a guide, tried a different career for a while, but came back to the river. His two older children have worked as river guides and his youngest is waiting his turn. Brian now serves as President and CEO of Western and is grateful, every day, for the wonderful people with whom he gets to work.

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