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It Was the Guides Who Gave the Trip It’s Sparkle

Western River Guides in the Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon’s daunting beauty, the fun and excitement of the Colorado River rafting and the canopy of brilliant starlight that swept the night’s sky was a feast for the senses, and for me, the soul too.

Yet, even with all those stars in the sky, it was the guides who gave the trip it’s sparkle.  The river runs through their veins and lives in their hearts and we felt that from them.  Their devotion to the river and canyon’s history, their dedication to sharing that history with us and their hard work in making sure our time on the river was safe and enjoyable was so greatly appreciated.

Evan, Stephen, Johhny and Sammy, like the river and the canyon, will not be forgotten.  We were amazed by the many hats they wear…the daily disassembling and reassembling of camp, the cooking (which was delicious), the cleaning up, the educating, the nurturing (making sure we were all comfortable), the expertise in which they navigate the river, their friendliness and professionalism…we miss them already!

These guides are an indispensable asset to Western River and a wonderful face to your organization!

Thank you for such a memorable trip.

Sophie, Kendric, kate and Lexi – CA
Arizona – Grand Canyon 3 Day Expedtion

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