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HELLO MY NAME IS: Mandi and I am Addicted to ADVENTURE! Colorado River Adventures

I was first introduced to Western River Expeditions in 1999 when I was a mere 14 years old.

I had no idea what I had been talked in to.  Sounded like fun, a whitewater river trip with my brother and dad. Little did I know what I was to expect!  White water rapids the size of small houses!  Holes the size of semi trucks!  No one in their right mind should enjoy this adventure!  But guess what? I DID!

From that moment forth, the Colorado River had me…I was ADDICTED!  I have white water fever and have to get my rush.

It isn't all about the water, it's the beauty of the earth!  The wildlife, the waterfalls, the geographic nature that we behold within our own eyes!  The river is truly MY HAPPY PLACE!  The river is calling me, help me return to my place of peace!

Amanda – Bountiful, Ut


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