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I Never Saw River Guides Work Harder

Beautiful Grand Canyon SceneryWe just completed a Colorado River Whitewater Rafting Trip in the Grand Canyon.  We were met at Marble Canyon by our river guides Mark, Lucky and Beak.  They were there way before 7 a.m. and instructed us on the process.  They were warm and friendly and genuine.

The photos, supply lists, and itinerary were all brief simple and easy to follow.

I never saw river guides work harder than Mark, Lucky, and Beak.  They were professional, had strong boundaries with firmness yet friendly and warm. T hey appeared centered and at peace at all times.

I am ready to go again. It was a spiritual experience sleeping under the stars, watching the shooting stars, and camping out.  Working together on a fireline to load and unload the raft twice daily brought the group closer together.  The meals were excellent.  J-Rig rafts were fun and wet.  The red, cream and ochre bluffs towered over us at every bend and the never ending beauty of the canyon was breathtaking.  The slot canyons and waterfalls were inspirational and worth the hikes to reach them.  The co-rafters were friendly and trustworthy.  Everyone helped each other.

Grand Canyon 7-day trip
Millie – Polvedera, NM


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