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“I’m not really a camper – can you help with some questions?”

This question came from a potential guest for a Colorado River Grand Canyon rafting trip.

“Everything looks great – I am planning for a 2012 Colorado River Tour!  I’m not really a ‘camper” so I am trying to decide if I can do 6 days.  Where/how do you shower???  Bathroom???

Help me understand!!!  🙂 “

Here’s my answer to her concerns.

These ‘necessities’ that we all think we can’t get along without become secondary to the opportunity to spend time in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.

We use the river for a quick bath in the afternoon after we get into camp.  The river is cold so it’s get wet, hop out, soap up, and a quick rinse back in.  It actually works great and is very refreshing.

Sit-down toilet facilities are set up in camp as soon as we arrive and are the last thing taken down in the morning before we head down river again.  During the day the park service regulation is to use the river for urination.  The guides stop every hour or so and the guys go one way, the gals the other and use the natural privacy of a big rock or such to wade in just a ways and take care of business.  Any other elimination needs are handled with a ‘wag bag’ which is an easy, sanitary method the guides can explain if needed.

It all works great and is well worth it.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  Our staff is always happy to discuss any river or camping concerns our guests may have.

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