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It’s Still My “Get Away In My Head Place”. Just beautiful!!! Family Vacation

Hubby was diagnosed 3 years ago with Liver Cancer.  We took a trip to Vegas to visit his parents and also to do a kayaking trip on the Green River.

Jason was our guide and what a day we had.  We went on a Monday so there were no motor boats on the river. Next time, we will fish as well.  While on this vacation, I found a huge piece of turquoise too. We saw bison sheep, eagles, fish jumping everywhere. It’s still in my mind like it was yesterday.

On January 22, 2014 we received a call from Hubby’s doc’s and they are no longer going to continue his treatments. His cancer has grown and spread within the liver and he no longer fits the criteria for further medical treatment. So now we just live every day to the fullest.  Sit a little closer and linger a bit longer.

He is still in pretty good health and with time being of the essence, we need to do this trip again but with a few more days added to it.  Last week we were thinking about how sick he would be from the treatments….this week all we can think about is…what to do next!

My Hubby deserves this trip while he’s still feeling well.

Deb – Massachusetts


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