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Keeping Clean on a Colorado River Rafting Tour

We get this question from our guests anticipating a whitewater rafting trip in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.  "How Do I Bathe?"

The National Park Service rules for Grand Canyon state that soap and shampoo cannot be used in any of the side streams or waterfall areas.  Our guests are able to play and rinse off in these areas and that can be quite refreshing in itself.  At the end of a fun day hiking and rafing, we encourage guests to head on down to the Colorado River for a quick and very unique bath.

I find it easiest to take my cot down to the river’s edge and set my bathing things on the cot.  Then I take a quick dip into the river – quick, because it’s about 52 degrees!  I then come up to my cot and get soaped up and put shampoo in my hair.  Then it’ back to the river for another quick dip and rinse off.  It’s ever so refreshing and helps you feel clean and aids in a good night’s sleep.  Getting the sunscreen off and the refreshment of the cold water feels very good.  I’ve even been known to take another quick dip before bed if I’m there when the temperatures are hot.  Try it, you’ll like it!

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