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Main Salmon River Rafting

A river rafting experience is like no other getaway and is so much more than just a vacation.  The Salmon River in Idaho offers discovery, wonder and memories that will last a lifetime for you and the whole family.  A rafting experience puts you in touch with nature and combines exhilarating whitewater stretches with calm sections for fun and excitement and the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds along the way.  A Salmon River rafting trip will take you through miles of majestic granite cliffs and dense pine forests that are the rugged and beautiful Idaho back country.

The Main Salmon River flows over 400 miles through some of the most impressive natural surroundings in the country, the blueish-green waters drop over a thousand feet in less than ninety miles and offer some of the best moderate rapids along with calm pools for relaxing and swimming.  Tranquil beaches line the shores and provide some fantastic camping and fishing spots making the Main Salmon River a great getaway for everyone including family vacations with teens.

Western River Expeditions partners with the leaders in Idaho outdoor adventures, so you can rest assured you’ll have the greatest outdoor adventure possible.  Your guides are trained in river navigation, safety and rescue and even culinary arts to make your adventure as personalized and memorable as possible.  All the equipment you will need  such as, tents, sleeping bags and chairs is provided.  Fresh meals are prepared for you right there in the great outdoors.  Western River Expeditions offers a 5-day and 4-night river rafting adventures for ages around six years and older.  Western River Expeditions has all the information and answers to any of your questions on their website and will even send you a DVD and online brochures.

For more information, visit Western River’s website and start planning your adventure today.

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