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Our Kids Flipped for the Southwest Sampler Utah Adventure

Utah Rafting Adventure - Family Trip in Moab Utah
My wife and I wanted to give our kids the kind of memories we had when we were kids and our folks traveled out west. The absolute highlight of the South West Sampler (Arches Tour, Hummer Safari and River Rafting) was hands-down the overnight rafting trip on the Colorado River. Our guides were no less than phenomenal and they really connected with the adults and the kids. Everyone had a blast! As the name suggests, the sampler gives you a taste of everything, but leaves you hungry for more — not for food, which was plentiful and delicious, but for the experiences. When we return, as we are certain to do, we will be upping the ante for a longer trip on the water. We can’t wait!

Dana Adams
Southwest Sampler Utah Adventure
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