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Raft The Green River in Utah

utah rafting tripsWhether you’ve been to Moab or not, you might have heard about the brilliance of Moab Utah rafting adventures.

Our Green River Rafting 6 & & day trip is ideal.  The Colorado River actually runs through Moab, but the Green River is just a short distance away.

Carving its way through astounding sandstone walls, beautiful river beaches and a legacy of incomparable outlaw and Native American history, rafting the Green River provides a playful journey, a true wilderness adventure without extreme whitewater – and Western’s selection of oar boats and inflatable kayaks (only available on this multi-night Utah rafting trip) allows you to experience it any way you wish.

More than 60 fun-filled rapids and unbeatable scenery make Green River rafting a favorite trip for families, first-time rafters or seasoned river runners. Your trip begins at Red Cliffs Ranch on the banks of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah where you’ll experience an off-road Hummer® Safari, an optional horseback ride, and perhaps some of the most unique and inspiring scenery in the world.

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